Innovation challenges

We need to create new and better products quickly.

More collections and styles to develop and manage.

New materials and processes.

Constant business

Evolving business models.

Ever-changing supply and logistics base.

Less time for the consumer. New markets / expansion

Narrower margins

Supply/production costs.

Discounts and always promotions.

Social media directly impacts consumer sales.

Increased IT costs

Visibility and compliance

Global inventory visibility for the Omnichannel.

Change of rules/regulations

Guarantee compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility CSR.

Evolving regulatory and regulatory reports are required.


Flexible style/color /size /fit matrix by product

Sales price-list at  style-color level

Product configuration for embellishment

Forecast and ordering by color/size scale template

Collection management

Pre-packs and kits

Pegging of orders with quantity tolerance handling

- Lot tracking for ethical sourcing

- Management of inventory through to stores including returns

Omni-channel sales


Flexible style/sizunlimitede/width/ material matrix with no. of columns

UoM for handling pairs

-   Leather/hide attribute management

Last management

Cartonization of pairs

Product configuration  for personalization



Handling style and non-style items in the same collection

Raw materials and finished goods with a wide variety of attributes

- Attribute-based planning


Complex style and non-style multi-level BoMs

Commodity market price management

- Consigned raw material inventory

Serialized items

Warranty management

- QC and quarantining of materials and goods

Flexible allocation rules and priorities

- Statutory and regulatory compliance for 43 countries and 18 languages as standard

- Customer lifecycle management


- Standard, configured and build-to-order home textiles

- Handing geographic based style and non-style size variations

- Roll attribute management  - width/ shade/shrinkage, etc.

- Dye lot planning

- Kitting for sales packs

- Pre-pack and assortments

Variant and discrete products
Consumer tastes continue to evolve, requiring new products to be developed

The business model evolves
Infor Fashion supports different business models with a single solution

Green, safe, ethical supply chain
Test ethical supplies, without dangerous substances or minerals from countries in conflict. We offer complete traceability up to the supply of materials

Profitability by product
Has a collection, model, color, SKU been profitable? M3 offers integrated finance Flexible and detailed product costing. ABC costs Manufacturing, landing, and distribution cost elements.

Bulk production concept
The Line Plans integrate part of the development, as a starting point for a new group or monitoring of the collection while specifying the details, style, and color for supplies, last-minute sizes.

Manufacturing Planning
Cutting planning based on ‘grouping’ and tailoring based on production lines sequence and learning curves It supports the subcontracting of operation but also of a product; the latter does not require a Production order, the materials are reserved against the purchase order, which is unique and differentiating